Monday, September 17, 2007

How Many AdWords Accounts

How many AdWords accounts should I have is a pretty popular question among those that are new as well as people who have a little experience with AdWords. First of all let me explain why you should have only 1 AdWords account.
  • When you have a single AdWords account, you retain all the account history and if you are getting consistently good CTRs and good-to-great quality scores then Google will presume a healthy performance for your campaign and it will probably have some (good) effect on your launched campaign.
  • Believe me...managing multiple AdWords accounts can get really time-consuming. Logging in and out each time to check stats for different accounts will probably crush your productivity.
  • Google doesn't allow multiple accounts for same keywords and they might even ban you forever if they find it out ..which in this case they probably can and will.
  • Although, AdWords Editor is an alternate choice you will have to download all the data from all accounts again and again. Little less boring but not really helpful.
Instead, I suggest that you get a My Client Center account where you can manage upto 1000 (yes, a thousand!) accounts from a single login and interface. It is a lot easier to access reports from different accounts.
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