Sunday, September 16, 2007

BlogRush - The new way to get FREE blog traffic

BlogRush, a blog syndication network just launched yesterday. I've already signed up and put the shiny little widget that works well. What it does it this
  • You sign-up and choose your appropriate blog category
  • Put the javascript code on your blog
  • Whenever you get a pageview you get 1 credit which means that your blog will be shown as an impression
  • The more referrals you have the more impressions you'll get in your chosen category blogs (upto 10 levels!) so although thats not targeted traffic it is at least related to whom you want to target.
The widget is really un-intrusive and has your referral code embedded into it so that you get the credit when someone clicks and signs-up. Seems a nice deal to me specially when the network has just been launched so theres plenty of room to get referrals and thereby traffic.
I advise you to JOIN BlogRush as soon as possible and get a lot of referrals. Heres my link

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