Saturday, September 15, 2007

Facebook goes Cost per Click

Facebook recently launched its cost-per-click version of its Flyer ads. The new CPC version is named Pro and it is talked about a lot among webmaster forums and news sites as every other thing related to Facebook. I think the CPC version is not all that functional when you see about it. There is no way you can determine who clicked and advanced reporting tools. Now coming to the analytics part most of the marketers wouldn't give it a piece of attention until Facebook gets it done right.
But overall it is better than the more conventional and outdated CPM model where you pay just for being there. The major discrepancy I found is that the maximum daily budget is capped to $50! So, Facebook doesn't want to make more money....WHAT? Maybe they're just testing their infrastructure. And yes, I haven't yet tested it and don't plan to do so anytime soon.
Anyone with feedback, first-hand experience are welcome to comment!

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