Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google launches Google Chrome - an Open Source web browser

Today, Google launched Google Chrome a spanking new, open-source web browser in over 100 countries. This comes when Microsoft has been beta testing its new Internet Explorer 8.

One of the features that Google has introduced is an auto-suggest typ of a feature just like Firefox 3 but with an important twist in which it lets you are suggested websites from the web.

The Google Chrome is a small file and is lightning fast and that is why it was created. One of the disadvantages I see is that now Google will have more data on
  • What websites we visit
  • When do we visit those websites
  • How much time do we spend on those websites
  • What are our website using patterns
  • It'll have a better user heatmap information
So even if it has some cool new features, I'll be beware of it. Atleast until I am addicted to it like all of Google's services.

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