Friday, August 22, 2008

Get 10 dollars from Pepperjam just for signing up

If you ask me what my favorite affiliate network is I am not going to tell you CJ just because it has a lot of offers and everyone and his dog has signed up at them. In fact I don't promote any offer through CJ! Why? Because their tracking sucks big time. Most of the time I spend within the CJ interface is trying to guess what is the function of the buttons and links. If you're planning to make it in the affiliate marketing game then your most powerful weapon is TRACKING.

You can precisely calculate how much you'll be paying per click and in return what you'll be earning per click. I generated my first ever $100 with Pepperjam (screenshot below - although I've smudged it so that no one copies my offer) and it was my first ever try with PPC to Affiliate marketing. I've had managed some PPC accounts before but never did PPC to Affiliate marketing.

Today, let me tell you about an interesting feature within the Pepperjam Network console that is so unique and valuable that if you have your ears close to the ground you'll literally be banking every time with minimal effort!

The whole Pepperjam Network interface is custom built and is much easier to navigate than your usual DirectTrack software enabled networks. I'll discuss the PJN interface in detail sometime later. As soon as you log in you get the following screen :

Can you see the Offer Alert tab? Yeah! That's not some Social Networking thing but close to that. You are actively contacted by the advertiser and if you're interested you can promote the offer by accepting or if you aren't interested then just click the Decline link. I suggest you Accept every offer - even if you don't promote them. And here is why - a few days ago an advertiser sent me an invitation to join his program for promoting. I was in a different niche and so I declined the offer. Now this offer took off and countless affiliates started promoting the offer. I thought I should get in too and contacted the advertiser and he told me that they were already having so many affiliates actively promoting their product and they weren't ready for it yet (in terms of dedicated resources towards affiliates) and so obviously I was declined. Whose loss? Mine.

I also sent an email to Kris Jones, President and CEO of Pepperjam and one of my favorite speakers on  affiliate marketing about this feature and he already has announced it on Pepperjam's blog.

So don't delay and Join Pepperjam through this link (and get $10 just for signing up). You'll get $10 after being approved and I'll also personally help you make your first affiliate check!

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Home Biss said...

Yes, you were right about that 'Offer Alert' thing. Some offers can in fact make more money than those personally chosen by affiliates. Those offers are worth checking out.