Thursday, February 12, 2009

SEO Codebreaker by Charles Kirkland

Charles Kirkland
has launched SEO Codebreaker. I've been long following Charles from a long-time and I whole-heartedly endorse his products because they've genuinely helped me make more traffic and hence money.

Internet Marketing has covered a lot of ground lately mostly because of its low-barrier nature. Everyone and their dog is marketing online but not making a single cent. "Why so?", you'd ask.
They're doing everything they know. And they know not a right thing.
People like "secrets" and this is the reason that the so-called Gurus are banking on it day-in and day-out. They don't just remember a simple rule that is common to all successful people - follow the successful, replicate their work.

I wouldn't be making any money online if I just bought whatever garbage these people offered. I rather followed a selected few who I knew were really successful and don't fake their Clickbank and other statistics. One of them is Charles Kirkland.

Charles is a really, really helpful guy. He is a modest person that gives timely tips on making money and he doesn't say anything without a foundation - he speaks about what has worked for him and proven to work.

I've peeked inside his AdWords account and the kind of data he has there is terribly awesome. Just by looking at his account I can say that what most people say regarding AdWords like Google slaps squeeze pages, AdWords is dead for the little guy, you cant make money unless you've got a few thousand dollars and some more are all shattered into pieces.

Any marketer would kill for that kind of conversions for the kind of cost he's paying to get subscribers on his list. He is getting on an average about 400 subscribers a DAY at about 25 cents a pop! That amounts to about 12K subscribers a month. And if you are conservative about the kind of money that you can make with that kind of list it equals to about $12K - and remember we're being conservative. He has many of such lists and I can just imagine the kind of money he'd be making everyday!

This is the kind of success you should replicate. And Charles has proved that it will work for anyone, yes ANYONE. Even if you've got no experience!

So why wait when you can have -

  • SEO principles used by very few that actually get you on your way to the top of Google, Yahoo! and MSN
  • Never before released techniques used by Charles Kirkland himself!
  • A 30-minute FREE consultation with Charles - this ALONE is worth the price because a tip from him on how to promote a product can land you thousands in profits, Q-U-I-C-K-L-Y!
  • The course is limited and will be taken down soon enough - it's already 2 weeks since it launched, what did you expect?
I can't disclose what I learn from there because it is STRICTLY non-disclosing in nature. If you want to know what you're missing out click the link below.

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