Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Blogger Dashboard = Easier Blogging = More Posts!

I've always dreaded the Blogger dashboard - although good for newbies I've found it immensely dull and repelling. One of the reasons I would procrastinate writing posts is because editing posts was one of the most irritating thing with Blogger.
Today while browsing through the Blogger dashboard I found the Blogger Draft link for new dashboard. I generally don't click the links that Blogger provides within the dashboard but this time I somehow did and I am happy 'bout it!
What I find is - 
  • A Sleek interface and dashboard - with just 3 recent blogs that've been updated. It is a relief to not see so many of my useless blogs all over!
  • A better and AJAXified editor - it's like a zephyr! If you've been using Google Docs then you'll be familiar with it.
  • A better, soothing blue Blogger logo - I've been offended with the shiny, bright orange (don't know why!)
If you've noticed the difference?

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