Monday, July 28, 2008

Google PageRank Updates

Google has been updating the toolbar PageRank for a couple of days now. Many bloggers and website owners saw the change. Some saw a boost while many others saw a decline in PageRank.

DewDropSEM's PageRank dropped down from 4 to 0...yes a ZERO!

Matt Cutts announced it on his blog that Google will be updating the toolbar PageRank in the next few days, so better watch out for your pagerank.

For many days now I've been procrastinating over regularly updating the blog with useful (not using the word quality for a simple reason that it is way overused!) posts and I think it's Google's way of reimposing that upon me.

As you can see some of the previous posts have been about various contests over the blogosphere. But now I will concentrate mainly on PPC and Affiliate Marketing!

Did you see any PageRank updates?

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