Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Net Fool's Outrageous Blog Contest

There are 3 huge blog contests going on and The Net Fool's contest is the one I am anticipating to win! The contest prizes are worth more than $4500 and there are 15,500 EntreCard credits too!

The official contest page says : Everyone who subscribes is GUARANTEED to win a prize!

So it'll be a better chance of you get on it early. So let's get straight to the point about the contest. You can get big prizes if you blog about the contest.

The Net Fool's Prize List for the blog contest.


Web Hosting

WordPress Themes & Design

WordPress Scripts & Software

Blog Advertising

Blog Reviews


  • 2 Year Subscription to GoStats Pro from GoStats
  • 5 One-Year VIP Memberships to from Xavier Media
  • Premium Subscription to from DotSauce

Entrecard Credits


These are some of the MOST coveted prizes everyone would like to win! The prize I'd like to win is $250 cash from PepperJamNetwork - one of the most advanced and transparent affiliate network run by some of the greatest people in the industry like Kris Jones and his team!


Jim said...

Thanks for the press! I hope that everyone comes by and cheks out what my website has to offer. It's always great to learn while you make money :)

Amit said...

Sure, I hope the contest to be a success...and why not motivated people like you stand behind these...keep it up and never stop the great content you post on your blog..!