Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've got a great news for all you people who sell on eBay or plan to sell. Jim Hubber and company are in their pre-launch of SkyHighAuctions - a complete course featuring over 20 hours of video tutorials!

Now, a day worth of video (20 hours to be exact!) can make you master on possibly anything and eBay is no exception.

There are also transcripts for every video - so that you can print and read.

The main focus of the course is the interviews and content from PowerSellers who make upwards of $5 million per year selling on eBay.

So today, Jim got to me over e-mail and showed me what the course covered. I am astonished - so much useful content.

So what does the SkyHighAuctions eBay course cover?

The SkyHighAuctions course is divided into three levels of expertise on eBay selling.
  1. Beginners Lessons - This module is for ideal beginners who don't know anything about eBay other than it is a dot com company. The modules takes you from bottom up on what it is like to sell on eBay and how to find niche eBay markets that are profitable. The beginner's lessons also cover ideas on how to make your listing standout from the crowd and also on how to avoid some grave pitfalls that newcomers almost always commit. All in all, the Beginners module was perfect for me as someone who has only bought collectibles from eBay!
  2. Advanced Lessons - Now here comes some real stuff! The 23 Advanced eBay lessons are all what you need to take off your business from scratch. The advanced module shows you how to deal with fraud and disputes (something that a newcomer is sure to get bogged down with!), importing from international markets, setting up an About Me page (I can testify on how powerful this strategy is!). The advanced lessons is the module where you learn about taxes and about creating your own eBay store with some strategies on retaining your customers so they buy again from you. SkyHighAuctions advanced module even shows you on how to get a Powerseller (A power seller is an eBay seller who is invited by eBay to participate in the PowerSellers program after sustaining a gross trading volume above a set cutoff for several months in a row) status in just 8 easy steps.
  3. Expert Lessons - Now comes the main focus of the whole SkyHighauctions eBay course - tips and interviews from real eBay PowerSellers. These PowerSellers show you how to profit from your business, what strategies to adopt and secrets to dropshipping. Even if the SkyHighAuctions people offered this module of the course I'd readily buy it without a second thought because eBay can show you how to sell or how to buy but you won't learn the real eBay business tactics from PowerSellers who've started from scratch and making a killing on eBay. These are the people who show you how to profit from eBay! So, if you're still not sure I'd advise you to jump right in before everyone else does. Go to SkyHighAuctions
  4. Bonus Lessons - The bonus lessons in the course teach you about eBay arbitrage. Arbitrage is finding items at low prices and sell them high. I know of several of my buddies who've made a killing with this technique in as low as a week. So if you want to get started tomorrow these three eBay arbitrage lessons will do the work for you.
I've never come across such a comprehensive eBay selling course until now. If you are planning to start an eBay business I urge you to get the Sky high Auctions course as soon as it launches on the 6th of March (write down the date).

What do you get by ordering it on the launch date?
Sky High Auctions is priced at $267 but because Jimmy (owner of SkyHighAuctions) has offered my readers a $100 discount, you can purchase this amazing course for just $167!

Is there a catch you may ask and yes there is - you've to be early little Johnny! SkyHighAuctions is launching just after a few days and you've to be among the first 500 buyers to get the discount. Not bad huh? A reward of $100 for just being there first - I wish Apple did this during their iPhone launch.

If you buy Sky High Auctions from this link, I'll also set up your AdWords account for FREE! I never Never NEVER offer my consulting for free so this is the last time I am offering to set up your AdWords account, choose your keywords, suggest bid prices and mainly increase your Quality Score and descrease your costs per click. This is HUGE and I'll only offer it to the first 5 people (so as not to increase undue competition for you!)

After you buy SkyHighAuctions just drop an email to dewdropSEM[at]gmail[dot]com so I can you!

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