Friday, January 18, 2008

Budding Affiliates Blog #1 -

OK, recently I havn't been blogging because there is so much to be done and so little time to manage everything. So starting from today, I'll be reviewing some of the best blog picks who haven't yet received their fair share of publicity that they rightly deserve.


Geiger is run by Jason aka Jay Geiger. Surprisingly, Jay started the blog in March 2006 and he is yet unnoticed in the blogosphere. Almost all posts by him are real-life and what impresses me is his sense of simplicity of explaining everything without jargonizing the PPC talk.

Jay is also a very humble blogger and replies to comments almost always.

If you visit Jay's blog you're going to find a LOT of interesting posts like landing pages get more clicks than direct linked campaigns, split testing ads and his testing of google image ads. I am sure you're going to take a long time reading all of his insightful posts.

His experiences with Kontera is also very eye opening. One of the best series on his blog that I really enjoyed were his selecting an azoogle offer to setting up and tracking and reporting of the whole campaign.

So is the first blog in Budding Affiliates Blog and its worth watching out for!

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