Saturday, November 10, 2007

Are you attending PubCon?

PubCon is taking place this December from 4-7 in Las Vegas. Now, the venue itself will be the first reason you want to attend the conference!

Now Shoe says that he'll pay for anyone who'll entertain him at PubCon . So when Shoe is paying for all the expenses, I thought you should better jump in to get a FREE conference pass.

PubCon is arranged by WebMasterWorld who also run a very successful internet marketing forum.

Who is attending PubCon?

Some of the most notable people attending the conference are

On a serious note, partying like a Rockstar is not all about the silly pics that some have posted but also about the right attitude you have to have while attending and networking at conferences. No matter how many blog posts you read, how many rss subscriptions you have in your reader or how many time you spend time on'll never learn more than you will at such conferences, this I've said before!

Even if you cannot shell out all the money that is attached to the entry passes...once in a while people like Shoemoney will put a contest to identify the NEXT BIG thing in the PPC/Internet Marketing industry.

I hope I win this entry to meet really cool people like Dave - Shoemoney's right hand man, Neil Patel, Shoemoney and many many more who haven't yet achieved the celeb status in this industry but are surely worth more!

See ya at Las Vegas if ever I win the passes.

P.S: The contest prizes are sponsored by Unique Blog Designs and SureHits
P.S.S: Unique Blog Designs really have some of the collest and unique blog designs out there. I don't know much about SureHits though.

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